Just a little quickie about my two day juice cleanse last week. I wanted a little reset after all my summer antics and decided to try a new-to-me juice company. Satya is madehere in Philadelphia, although you can order it nationally. I had it delivered to me out in the suburbs – if you are in the Philadelphia area, visit their website and see if they will deliver to you. (Or you can pick up locally in Center City or Media)

Great taste
I wanted to comment and share with you guys though because I liked the taste of the juice in this cleanse more than any other one I’ve done before. I did one that has a lot of green juices but they have a little fruit in each drink so it didn’t seem so hard-core green. Everything was actually tasty and very fresh.

Emphasis there on the fresh because I have done a lot of juice cleanses in my day and my rule of thumb has generally been that if they have something on the ingredient list that I can’t pronounce, I don’t really want it. Or if they’ve added xyz preservative, I’m not interested just because there are so many fabulous cleanse companies out there that are literally just taking good, natural foods and cold pressing them for you and making them easy and available.

Totally not of importance but had to mention, all the bottles have cute inspirational quotes on them which was a motivating, nice touch!


Feeling good!
So I’m feeling good! In the past, I’ve done 3 day juice cleanses but I find myself falling off the wagon by the third day so I wanted to just go with two this time and it worked well for me. I’m not as hungry now (almost a week later) and I am definitely feeling a little less gross.

Good price
You’re paying about $50/day with a cleanse with Satya. It’s a bit more if you break it down with some of the more popular juice cleanses. Also, I used a coupon code for first-time users which you can too. Enter “Truth” at check-out and get 10% off your order. It pretty much covered delivery to my house for me which was nice. If you try it, let me know what you think!



  1. This juice is awesome! I’ve tested it myself.

    Here I’ve written an article about green juicing. Hope you enjoy it!

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