I don’t know if I should be admitting this, but this onesie is very appropriate for our house. Because we’re certainly under the tv influence here. (You know it’s sad when your child sings the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song each time he sees a Mickey.)
And this is just one of many fun designs from Tomat Kids. Their tees remind me of something you’d see in Urban Outfitters – not so cutesy – but edgy with a little ‘tude and retro flair to reflect your taste and style.
They’ve got onesies for infants and tees for toddlers – all of their clothing is 100% cotton and comfy! They’re also favorites of celebrities Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, whose daughter Matilda owns a few pieces from Tomat Kids.
Use coupon code MWS0207 for 10% off your order. Your discount will appear after checkout. The coupon expires March 27th. And there’s free shipping if you order 3 items or more.


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