Previously, I’ve mentioned what great baby gifts Ubooshi has, and I’ve gifted them with much applause and appreciation. They’ve recently added a few products to their site, worthy of attention:
-Short Sleeve Polos: To me, a collared shirt shows a sign of respect. But more important to children, it must be comfortable. Ubooshi’s polo’s breath and their fit is true-to-size. With common colors available, and no tag, this shirt will be worn around here all spring.
-Long Sleeve t-shirts: Our weather recently went from 60s to 30s in less than 24 hours, and the perfect compliment to this weather is a long sleeve t-shirt. Worn solo (ie 60 degrees) or layered, Ubooshi now offers their unique designs on long sleeve as well as short.
-Way cute accessories: We love frogs, and so does Ubooshi! The Ubooshi Toy Frogs are fun plush anmials–the legs and arms are waaaay long, move and come in and out. Allowing for inspections, doctoring, and curious questioning by the kids. (Beware, though, they are really for kids over 3). And if you’re a huge Ubooshi fan, check out their very bright flip flops for this summer at the beach.
Ubooshi continues to offer their Fridge Art Contest… so if you have a proud fridge artist, it may be time to enter a favorite! Use code mommies for 15% off your order.

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