Face masks have become one of the many new norms of 2020 that we’ve all had to grow accustomed to. You couldn’t find a face mask anywhere in April; now pretty much every retailer is selling them. They have them at Old Navy, Amazon, the gas station. Even my local nail salon sells them at check in, for any customers who may have forgotten them.

I definitely had a problem with them in the beginning of all of this. When we did eventually start leaving the house, I couldn’t find the right face mask that I liked. Nothing was comfortable and it definitely took getting used to.

Nordstrom face mask

My fav, by far, are ones I randomly picked up from Nordstrom recently and I had to share. The masks that came in this 4 pack of Adult Face Masks from Nordstrom ($25 for a 4-pack) are so comfortable. And the adjustable straps are helpful to tighten the mask to just the right fit you need. They have a ton of really cute patterns and sets available so there’s something for everyone.

A close runner up for me have been the Face Masks from Old Navy (5 for $12.50). They are almost as comfortable, also adjustable with cute patterns and a little easier on the wallet.

Adidas face mask

Our tween writer Samantha’s favorite face mask is from Adidas. It’s breathable and apparently all the kids wear these when exercising.

Where have you gotten your favorite face mask from?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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