A couple of weeks ago, the “Snack Mom” at my son’s soccer game brought a couple of boxes of Rice Krispies’ for the boys after their game ended.  The Rice Krispie Treats had the latest packaging – wrapping that allows Mom to write on them.

Snack Mom had written “Great Game!” and “Good Job!” on all of the Rice Krispie Treats, which I thought was pretty cute (and definitely stomped on my snack of orange slices from the game the day before)

Then a week later, I received a sample box in the mail myself to try out.  I’ve been having a blast sending these in with my oldest for lunch and writing cute messages on them.  Love it!

Of course he told me that “I love you” is getting embarrassing so I’m trying to come up with less embarrassing messages for a 1st grader. Suggestions for me?  The other day I went with “Smile!”  Gotta keep it simple too when he’s learning how to read.

And as much as he scoffs at the messages, I can tell he secretly likes getting them on the days I give him a Rice Krispie in his lunch box.

Disclaimer: I was given an American Express Gift Card for my participation in testing out this product and blogging about it.

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