It happens. Sometimes you fall so in love with a look or a fabric that is maternity that you wish that it wasn’t maternity. And, try as you may to pull it off, well… that’s when you realize just how lucky the expecting really are.
And here’s one of those cases. Inca Mama sweaters are a gorgeous, must-have for this fall and winter. You’ll see in their product line the rich colors, the vibrant design, and the versatility of their collection–pair Inca Textiles with jeans for casual, or with dress pants for out on the town warmth. Inca Mama sweaters drape style. But you can tell all that on their website.
What you can’t tell is what Britney and I can tell you. The sweaters, which are hand-knit Peruvian Alpaca, luxuriously soft and thick. You-can-live-in-this all winter thick. Providing warmth and depth in beauty.
Created by Peruvian fashion model Carmela, all Inca Mama sweaters are hand-knitted by Peruvian women of Alpaca wool. And true to her roots, $1 of every purchase goes back to help provide food and education for the poor children of Peru.

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