It’s that time of year when our family seems to be rolling through one illness after another. I’m about ready to encase my one year old in a hygienically sealed bubble.
Would that I could. Unfortunately the daily routine marches on and we have grocery stores to go to, lunches grabbed at the neighborhood cafe and more. Which is why I am so glad that someone thought to send me a Ritzy Baby Cart/Highchair cover last year. I am really using this thing now!
What I really love about the Ritzy Baby Cover is that it is so meticulously crafted and uber luxurious. I kind of wish I had one for all the places I have to sit! Ours is a scrumptious minky dot that reverses to a colorful animal print. Ritzy Baby has thought of everything and included pockets for my stuff, a sippy cup holder and toy clips. I love that this cover also fits on playground swings, and public (theme park, mall etc) strollers.
I never used a cover with my other (3) kids. I just did a quick swipe with a wipey. But after meeting a family that nearly lost their baby to MRSA which they believe was contracted from a public highchair, I have been evangelized. The cover lives in my car and we now wipe AND cover.
If you are looking for a versatile luxurious and practical cart/highchair cover, that comes in great color combos, check out the Ritzy Baby Site!


  1. How cute!!! Love the pattern and the functionality. Why is somebody just now thinking of this?!?

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