We spent six hours in the car yesterday. I was dreading the drive – for weeks, the trip’s been looming over my head with dreaded anticipation, especially since my two year old has an aversion to sitting in the car seat for more than five minutes.
So I got prepared. I stocked the car with a number of new toys from Santa to entertain from the road, and the trip couldn’t have gone smoother.
Some of the toys that the kids really loved include:
Sticker sets from My Little Ducks. Such a small, silly thing and they must have each spent at least an hour arranging and rearranging the vinyl stickers on these playsets. (Use coupon code MWS15 for 15% off your order)
My 5-year-old LOVED the Tag Reading System from LeapFrog. He went through several stories and we’re loving this toy, which reads stories outloud. (By the way, I also got the Storage Case, which stores the reader and all the books neatly in a case that’s easy for little hands to carry around. And of course after the slew of toys we received at Christmas, I’m a big fan of anything that contains the toys.)
Kids Activity Packs by Four Peas from Mom4Life. I got each of the boys one of the Mini Sports Fan Activity Pack – a small plastic case that’s full of all sorts of goodies that include: Colored tablet, activity pad, silly putty, crayons, make-a-race car sticker sheet, assorted stickers, iridescent sticker sheet, mini porcupine ball, pull back neon race car, sports ball (or race car) notepad, squishy frog, and magic springs. (Go through the link to get 8% off the purchase on the Mom4Life website – search on “activity pack”).
I put as much as I could in a portable Kargaroo Portable Pouch from Mom4Life. I got one for each kid, they attached to the car seat. They were great to have – having certain toys within their reach cut down on the amount of times I had to turn around. (Go through the link to get 8% off the purchase on the Mom4Life website – search on “portable pouch”).


  1. Good for you for being so ready! I am thrilled that you enjoyed the travel packs and the Kargaroo Portable Pouch :).

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