Years ago, I asked a friend what miracle had caused her 4 year old son to learn how to read and she mentioned these Rock N Learn DVDs.  Seeing as my first son wasn’t even walking at this point, I promptly forgot about them.

Then last summer I was cruising around in our local Beckers when this series caught my eye.  I purchased Phonics, Volume 1.  Coincidentally, the folks at Rock ‘N Learn found Mommies with Style and ended up also sending me Phonics, Volumne 2.

Keeping in mind that I have a 1st grader who’s at an average reading level compared to his years, and a 4 year old who hasn’t started reading yet, I’ll go onto say that these DVDs are fabulous.  For both of my boys.  The songs are entertaining and educational.  There’s story reading with words and cute animation to keep all ages of kids entertained.

Highly recommend this DVD series as it’s educational and fun and holding my boys interest.  Rock ‘N Learn has a whole series of educational videos including Letters & Sounds for the toddlers, Telling Time for older kids, Phonics of course, Science and much more.  Get Rock ‘N Learn on Amazon

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