Hushamok It was midnight when I sat down to write this review – enjoying the sweet sounds of silence, thanks to the Hushamok ($429) sleeping hammock for infants. My infant son was recently diagnosed with acid reflux and I am so thankful that I have a safe and sound place for him to rest comfortably, despite this hurdle.

Sleeping hammocks have been in use for centuries, and with good reason. Babies enjoy the sensation of movement. The gentle swaying of the hammock reminds them of the womb and naturally soothes them back to sleep when they stir. It is an invaluable tool for parents of colicky babies and those like mine, with reflux. The slightly slanted angle keeps their heads elevated more than a flat bed, minimizing reflux and thus promoting a healthful rest for all. They are also useful in the prevention of SIDs as they promote restful back sleeping, the position recommended by physicians. Hushamoks are recommended for infants from birth to 22 pounds.

The Hushamok does double duty, standing in for both a stationary bassinet and portacrib. Far more fashionably, at that. They come in a groovy rainbow of colors and organic cottons.  Hushamoks are extremely quick and easy to set up which makes them a pleasure to travel with and also makes me feel better about recommending them, despite the price.  No they are not cheap, but ask any parent of a child with colic – a good night’s rest, or better yet several, is worth it. 

We recently took our hammock with us to a posh hotel and happily rejected the crib the hotel sent down for our son. We were so pleased to discover that the Hushamok took up less space than a traditional portacrib and fit more easily than the portacrib would have in the slightly cramped room. And we did not have to worry about putting our baby in a borrowed crib. Hushamoks set up especially well right next to your bed and are a fabulous alternative or addition to co-sleeping. 

With all the silence I should be sleeping. If only I had a Hushamok in my size!

For a list of retailers, see the Hushamok site.


  1. I ran across your site immediately after completing a search in Yahoo, and I have got to say it does contain a good deal of amazingly good material that I found equally useful and helpful.

  2. Our baby’s godparents bought us a Hushamok hammock for $600, we recently discovered it was going moldy underneath our baby! We got a replacement but this has the exact same problem, it gets very damp with normal use and will inevitably start going moldy as well. Hushamok deny it’s a problem but we live in a dry house with plenty of ventilation and don’t get damp anywhere else. We’re concerned that other parents may have the same problem and not realise the hammock is making their child ill! I’d suggest buying a cheaper hammock that doesn’t have a plastic insert.

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