While we were in Florida last weekend, Toyota was kind enough to lend us their newest 2015 Highlander Hybrid to test out and drive around on vacation.  While I’m still driving at minivan at home, I can say with confidence that my next car WILL NOT be a minivan and will be a smaller SUV of some sort.  Our needs have moved beyond the minivan but we still need the space that an SUV will allow.

Testing out the Highlander Hybrid was a BLAST.  Here are some features I loved:

So the Highlander still has 3 rows.  As a family of four we’re cool with two but we often have an additional kid or three in the car so having a third row is still a must.


It has an awesome touchscreen dashboard that was really easy to use.  You can pair your phone up with it; there’s easy-to-use GPS and radio and XM if you choose to use XM service.

There’s a backup camera that displays on the screen when you are in reverse (and it shows you the direction you need to back up to get out of spots).

You can also add a bunch of optional apps to your display – services such as Bing, Open Table, Pandora and more can be available at the touch of a finger.

It still has the power liftgate.  I know it’s silly but for so long only minivans had these and it was one of the main reasons I even got a minivan.  It’s just so nice to be able to pop the trunk with the touch of a button when you have an armful of groceries.


Remote start and a push button to start the car – I mean seriously.  Awesome.

So what makes this a “hybrid”?  Awesome fuel economy.  You pay a little more upfront for this than you do the normal Highlander but you save the serious bucks in gas overall with at an EPA-estimated 27/28 mpg city/highway. You can find out more info about the Highlander Hybrid


  1. I cannot comment on the 2015 Highlander Hybrid. However, I can and do say that I do love the Highlander model in general. Mine is an old 2004 and I have to say the most reliable car I have owned. I will keep this car as long as possible. That is not to say that all the ‘bells and whistles’ featured on the 2015 sound pretty nice and of course, I do wish I had those features. Still, I am so pleased with my Highlander. Safe, reliable, and a comfortable ride. Toyota service I have always found a pleasant experience as well.

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