A few weeks ago, a friend’s little 6 month-old was screaming in her car in the pick up line. The poor mom couldn’t seem to calm her. Thinking how much I was enjoying the calming melodies of the music in my car, I quickly grabbed a CD by Rockabye Baby. “Here! Try this! She’ll love it.”
I haven’t seen the CD since. Its being held hostage by that sweet little 6-month-old who, I can only assume, adores it.
And you will, too. As will your babies and children. Rockabye Baby! has taken all the classics and trends (23 albums including Rolling Stones, Beatles, AC/DC, No Doubt, NIN, Coldplay) and set them to sweet sound. Its a task the label VP describes as “…[to create] album that’s gentle enough for babies but won’t bore Mom and Dad is trickier than it sounds.” I beleive it. Not being musical person, I doubted I’d recognize the songs inside the pretty lullabies. Yet, listening to the music, I notice that I’m singing along, recognizing enough to know which words fit in, yet being calmed by the lullaby that now meets the heavy rock or beachy sound.
Its hard to put a sound like this into words. I invite you to listen to snippets of your favorite album (be it Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys or Bob Marley) to hear what an amazing thing Rockabye Baby! has done with your sounds. They’re just so pretty. Find a song you’ve always loved (in my case, Greenday’s Good Riddance) and listen in to the lullaby–you’ll soon start singing, or calmly humming while your baby relaxes, too.

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