Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 1.38.42 PM Ladies, how do you feel when you’re wearing a pair of high heels?  I’ll admit, I feel sexy and sophisticated when I’m wearing a pair of high heels.

But I’ve definitely also been in a pair of really awesome-looking heels that make me want to cry because they are so uncomfortable.  Just last week, I was at an event in a hair of high ones I own and I ended up barefoot by the end of the event.  No look is worth that, right?  And as Moms, walking around in uncomfortable shoes just isn’t an option.

So it’s nice to find a pair of high heels that not only look great but feel comfortable.  Rockport’s out to make comfortable shoes that you can do your everyday life while wearing with their Rockport Total Motion shoe line.

With this campaign, Rockport is asking what I’m Powered By.  I’m Powered By my kids.  They inspire me and keep me moving!  What are you Powered by?

Come share what powers you at at Twitter party today, Thursday, September 18th at 1 pm ET!   Use that link to RSVP.  I’ll be there!  @theMotherhood25 and @Rockport will be giving away 5 pairs of shoes and you can see how comfortable they really are too!


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