The best way I can describe Rocksbox is that it’s a Stitch Fix meets Netflix meets Rent the Runway business model. Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry subscription service. Like Stitch Fix, you have a stylist who picks out pieces for you – 3 jewelry pieces for you.

But here’s the difference – you can keep and borrow them for as long as you want. When you’re done, send them back to get 3 new pieces – OR, buy the pieces you loved so you can keep them at a discounted price! It’s $19/month.

I seriously ADORE this business model and wish I had thought of it!

So here are some photos from the unboxing:




And here are the 3 jewelry pieces I received. I’ve been wearing them for the last few days – they are cute! I think I will likely send them back (maybe keep the earrings, they are $28) but I do like them a lot and I LOVE this idea that I can have a new look every time I get a box!




But seriously, this is such a cool concept and I’m really excited to check it out. So… good news for you guys, you can try a free month too!

Just use my coupon code whitneywingerdxoxo to receive a free month and try out a couple of boxes and see what you think!

Visit RocksBox.comto try your free month and use my coupon code at check out to check out your free month. You will have to enter your credit card but they will not charge it unless you don’t cancel after a month. (And you may not want to – pretty sure I’m going to stick around with it because I love the idea of having a variety of jewelry to check out!)

Disclaimer: I received a free trial myself and if you use my code you get a free month and I get a referral credit – thanks for using if you do!

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