Today I dumped out a box of Stonees, and 50 mini rocks rolled across the floor. Instantly, I sensed a creative challenge.
A Stonees Natural Bulidng Blocks kit encourages creative play mixed with an incredible need for focus, determination and balance. Offering endless possibilities, children and parents puzzle over how to build a castle, a tower, recreate Stonehenge, build a bridge and more by using blocks without solid sides. Watch this video clip to see Stonees and kids in action. Not so easy, but clearly addicting.
While they’re made for children ages 4 and up, my 2 year old ventured over while I was attempting towers. He quickly sorted all of the rocks by color, then created designs wtih the colors, finally intermixing to create patterns. Later, my 4 year old and I laid all of the Stonees in a cluster and created a game of stacking the pieces by moving them from the outside of our cluster, in. Each time it tumbled, the other player got a “point.”
Which led me to realize just how endless the possibilities are for Stonees. No longer were we just buliding, we had created a game. Meanwhile, Wesley was using them to learn basic math concepts. And while I’m certain its not the purpose of their creation, it occurred to me that the huz and I could have a great drinking, ahem, party game ahead of us.

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