I get very intimidated by decorating my home. Especially when it comes to hanging something on my walls. What if it doesn’t look right? What if I hate it after a month or two? I’ll be left with holes in the wall, not to mention my pockets.
That’s not such a problem any longer. With Roommates, peel and stick the wallart onto nearly any hard surface, and, voila, you have art! Don’t love it there? No problem, even a child can remove these appliques without ruining paint or a surface. We recently played with a few packs in our basement and our 4 year old’s room. The kids put the stickers where they wanted them. Wesley, my 2-year-old, liked the idea of putting all of his in his own little area (he’s our orderly child who likes things in a line and is very focused.) While Carson, our 4-year-old who doesn’t sit still for long, stuck his appliques all over the room–we had soccer balls on chairs, a baseball on the basketball backboard, a collection on the kids’ computer. After a while of decorating and redecorating, I left the room to take a phone call. Only to find the computer screen clear of all appliques with them now scattered across the walls.
Later that night, Carson found another package of Roommates. With these, he and his brother decorated his room–including his mirror, wall, windows and bedboard. And better than paper stickers, since they did this one their own, Roommates appliques don’t rip! (Oh, and did I mention they don’t pull off paint or leave a sticky residue? — much to the chagrin of my father-in-law who has already been asked to repaint a few spots that were pulled off due to stickers before we knew about Roommates.)
For the price, this is more than a great decoration for your walls, its a toy that allows the kids to join in on making their spaces their own. The stickers show up better on lighter paint, as the appliques are not fully opaque, but that doesn’t stop Carson’s dark blue room from being covered in space Roommates. In addition to the stickers, also available are borders, wall murals and growth charts and they’re inexpensive enough to select the alphabet today, Bratz in a few years and Penn State Nittany Lions in the future.

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