What is it about an orb that makes us feel so good? Is it not the most comforting and happy of shapes? The earth, balloons, balls, bubblegum, truffles, marbles – they are all good things, and all round.
But what if we could do a little better? What if we could take all that is good about our favorite shape and throw in fuzzy, adorable, and squishy?
We’d have Squishables.
Squishables are not really stuffed animals. And they are not really pillows. I’m not even sure what to call them other than irresistable. So irresistable that it was sheer folly to think we could ever be happy with just one. World War 4 has broken out in my living room over who gets to sleep with the Penguin Squishable next. Peace treaties have been signed with the concession that a certain 4 yr party reserves the right to roll atop the Squishable as needed, often on an hourly basis. The baby wishes he was old enough to lay claim to the Penguin. But he’s not (recommended for age 3 and up) so a certain adult (ahem) is using the Squishable as a lap desk at this very moment. Shhhhh.
Oh how I love these soft furry balls of cuteness. Go be a good parent. Get someone a Squishable for the holidays. Or get one for yourself. It’s the perfect pet and always good for a cuddle.

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