Okay so one of the movie releases I’m the most excited for is the Smurfs – Smurfy Tales.  Love that the Smurfs seem to be making a come back!  I even saw a bunch of Smurf toys on the shelf today during a trip to Walmart.  Get the DVD on Amazon for $10.99 and channel your inner kid by watching these old episodes with your kids.  Releases August 18th.

Bob the Builder’s been busy with the release of a 3-DVD Lunchbox Set ($17.99 for all 3 movies plus the lunchbox) and Built for Fun, a 2-DVD set that comes with a toy truck for $9.99.

The Tigger Movie celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special DVD + Digital Copy DVD Set that’s available on Amazon for $17.99.

And I can’t keep all these Power Rangers straight, but the Power Rangers RPM have now put out a movie, Power Rangers RPM: Start Your Engines which is available on Amazon for $12.99. (My boys don’t care which Power Rangers they are watching, they love them all!)

We’re huge fans of Super Why!, so I was excited they came out with a DVD.  Super Why’s Jack & the Beanstalk and other fairy tales includes 4 other episodes and is available for $17.99 on Amazon.

SpongeBob Squarepants – To Squarepants or not to Squarepants includes 8 SpongeBob episodes, $12.99 on Amazon.

Marvel fans will like Wolverine & the X-Men: Deadly Enemies that released end of July. You can get it on Amazon for $12.99.


  1. The Smurfs on dvd, I watched them when I was a little kid, I’ll most definitely buy that dvd and I’m sure that my little one will love them just as much as I do.

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