I know I don’t have a baby just yet, and I know that sometimes babies decide for themselves what they like and don’t like, but I am a huge fan of the idea of “baby wearing”. It just seems so practical to me! You get to have your hands free, and your baby still gets to be held. A win win situation in my book. That’s why I was very excited to try out my first “baby wearing” apparatus. The Action Baby Carrier from Heavenly Hold, which is  the newest soft structured carrier on the market. 

Let’s first talk about fit and comfort. I thought it was great! It took me a minute to get the thing on, but once I did it felt great! It was comfortable and very light weight. Here’s me!

I put a stuffed animal in it to make feel more real. What do you think? You can either wear this carrier on the front, the back or the hip, which is convenient and versatile. You can also use it till your baby reaches 40 lbs so it can be used from newborn to the toddler years.

Another great thing about this carrier is that it’s rather affordable. At $89, it is said to be the lowest priced US made soft structured carrier. I liked the idea of it being made in the US, since not much else is these days.

Let’s recap… we’ve got great fit, versatility and a very nice price….definitely worth a try!

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