As I’ve already learned, a pregnant woman can go from freezing to “I’m so hot I may pass out” in about 2.3 seconds.  Finding outfits that fit while you’re putting on the baby weight can be a challenge on its own, but getting dressed to accommodate heat flashes and cold streaks makes it all the more difficult.   

motherhoodbrowntoggle1 As many a new mom has shared with me, dressing in layers can prevent a literal meltdown.  Luckily for those of us pregnant this season, the sweater coat is back and is the answer to many fall and winter wardrobe dilemmas.

Because of their usual roomy and open designs most sweater coats can be worn throughout a pregnancy.  However, there does come a time when you may prefer to have a few extra inches.

Motherhood Maternity’s new fall line includes a handful of sweater coats as well as multiple other layering options.

I woke up this morning to some chilly 38 degree weather.  Instead of throwing on a winter coat, I buttoned up Motherhood Maternity’s new Toggle Closure Cable Knit Maternity Sweater over my long-sleeved tee.  And it was a good thing that I did – my office was freezing, so I just left on the sweater and went about my day.  I’ve learned my lesson about layering.

To check out Motherhood Maternity’s new fall line, drop by one of their retail stores near you or visit them online.

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