So thanks to the lady who sat next to me with her two kids at the Lorax movie yesterday, I’m feeling a little doom and gloom about the state of our society. The movie was wonderful; the message pretty clear.

The premise of the movie is that the Once-ler, a business man and somewhat unsuspecting guy ends up chopping down all of the trees in the land causing great negative effect on the world around him. Driven by the greed and lure of success, he misses the implications of damaging his environment until it’s too late.

The movie’s based on the Dr. Seuss book, the Lorax and that’s basically where the book itself ends. The movie expands on the story after the damage is done.  The future town and how they live, and the boy who basically learns and remembers what trees were for and sets out to change the world.  I won’t give anything more away but like I said, the message is evident.

This isn’t just some fluffy movie that’s full of nonsense – there’s a message about respecting our environment and how one person’s small change can make a difference.

I loved it.  My kids loved it and they got it. We talked about the deeper message of the movie after it was over, something they are both very familiar with as recycling and reusing is very important in our house and my husband often preaches to them about respecting the earth.

But the lady next to me.  My God.  I was so miffed about it I even made this my Facebook status after the movie was over:

Back from the Lorax. Great movie but not happy with the lady next to me. It was bad enough that her kids talked & crinkled candy thru-out the movie but the icing on the cake? When her cell rang and she actually answered it. So rude. Almost asked her then if she was going to later leave the theater and go chop down a tree.

The irony of having someone sitting next to me who clearly had no respect whatsoever for her surroundings was not lost on me.  I wonder if her rudeness even crossed her mind?  If she was aware of being rude and didn’t care, or just totally unaware?  I don’t know which is worse.


  1. well. . . to split hairs: i think it would def. be worse if the woman KNEW she was being rude- that’s a double up bad deal. If she had no clue, then not AS bad- more sad actually than bad that she’s just ignorant. You can’t really blame someone for being stupid and clueless. . that fact , however, does not reduce the frustration though of having to endure this behavior while trying to enjoy a good movie. . . . . too bad.

  2. My pet peeve…People who drive and talk on their cell phones (have had 3 near misses).
    Also talking on the cell phone while checking out at the supermarket. That is the height of rudeness to the cashier.

  3. laurensmom says

    Thanks to your review, I know what the movie is about and that my daughter would love to see it. I have a 4 year old and I’m always nervous taking her to the movies because she likes to talk about things she doesn’t understand. I keep reminding her to be quiet, but I also kind of think a little talking is to be expected at family movies.

    • Well it’s a kid’s movie and that’s okay and understandable if a child talks! I have 0 problem with a child talking quietly, asking questions, etc through a movie. It was the Mom answering the phone that was so disrespectful IMO. And that they were loud in a rude/not polite way rather than being aware and trying to at least be hushed abt it. (I should have added too that the kids were like 10 & 12 which is diff than a preschooler for sure!)
      Thanks for the comment – def take your 4yo to the Lorax, it was great otherwise!

  4. uggh. some people!

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