Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 4.20.19 PM The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.   

Do you run?  Do you want to run faster?  I’m currently testing out the new Reebok Z Quick – a lighter feeling running shoe that is designed to help you run faster. Their tagline is, These shoes will make you UNNATURALLY QUICK! 

How is that possible that one running shoe could make you faster than another?  It’s all in the dynamics of the design of the shoe. The sole has a bigger area, making it better for distributed force and better grip.

Here’s a pict of mine – they are the Foggy Gray color:

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 9.03.16 PM
I took them for their first spin last weekend when I hit the indoor track at the gym for a 4 mile run.  (No outside running here in Philly lately – it’s been in the 20s and all my trails are covered with snow!)

My run went great in the ZQuick. The thing I noticed the most about them was how light they felt.  Was I faster?  Not sure as I don’t time myself on the track.  I felt like I was at my normal pace but I felt like I was lighter in general, running on air more than my usual feeling of normal running, if that makes any sense.

Here’s some info from Reebok that I thought was interesting explaining the science behind how this shoe could possibly make you faster:

For handling we also wanted to take into account the dynamics of the foot itself. Your foot changes in dimension when you put weight on.  When your foot is completely weighted, it’ s about 5mm wider than when it’s in the air.  That’s your own naturally handling feature. Your foot spreads out on impact to distribute force over a broader base. To accommodate for that natural handling feature we built slashes into the bottom unit that go all the way to the lasting board so that your Z-series shoe spreads with you.

I thought it was pretty neat to read the science behind it.  And update: I’ve worn the shoes for two runs now (both 4 miles) and they have been great!  I also wore them for a BodyCOMBAT class just to mix it up and thought they were comfy for that as well. Visit to purchase your own pair of Z-quicks and to get more info.

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