My family and I have been vacationing at our shore house for the past few weeks. Recently, we were at the beach when my very fair, red-headed son wanted to take a nap under our umbrella. Later that night, I realized that while sleeping under the shaded umbrella, he had gotten burnt. (Yes, he had sunscreen on, too. He is that fair!) I was horrified and shocked. Everything I do to try to protect him and my family from the sun was ruined by a not-so-safe umbrella.

After this eye-opening experience I decided to try out a product called the Sport-Brella. The initial thing that attracted me to the Sport-Brella is that is has UPF 50+ protection, so I could feel safe having my kids (or me!) rest under it. After using it a few times, I feel like I could be the new Sport-Brella spokesperson. I love this awesome, portable sun and weather shelter and I think every family should have one!

Here is why it is so great:

-The Sport-Brella takes literally less than a minute to set up (it opens like a regular umbrella) and it’s much easier to set up than your normal beach umbrella

-It’s  lightweight and portable and very easy to carry (you can sling it over your shoulder or carry it by the handle)

-It is nice and spacious inside (opens to 8 feet), accommodating a couple of chairs or about 4 people sitting on a blanket

-It doesn’t blow away like your typical umbrella…the wind gust release vents plus the tie-down cords give the Sport-Brella added stability in high wind conditions

– There are some nice features like two side zip-down breeze windows, and two inside storage pockets

-It’s not only great for the beach, but the perfect item to take along camping or to sporting events (all of those cool, rainy days watching t-ball and soccer will be much more comfortable next time!)

-You can use Sport-Brella not only as a ground shelter but also as a telescoping umbrella

– And as I mentioned before, the Sport-Brella is UPF 50+, blocking over 99.5% UVA/UVB rays

The Sport-Brella was an instant hit on the beach. The kids all gravitated to it, wanting to seek some cool shelter from the sun, and the adults loved it, wondering what it was and where to get one. I am so happy I discovered the Sport-Brella and I plan to use it all summer, and into the fall when I go to my kids soccer games. I know the Sport-Brella will protect my family from the sun, wind, cold and all of the elements.

The Sport-Brella retails online for $59.99, but use code “MWS” site-wide and save 15%!

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