Last fall, something really scary happened to a student at my son’s elementary school.  It made national news.  A girl in first grade got her tongue stuck in a water bottle.  She was using a metal wide-mouthed bottle and she stuck her tongue in, presumably licking the water.  Her tongue ended up getting stuck in the grooves or ridges on the inside of the bottle (where you screw the top to).  She had to have the bottle surgically removed.

I went home and threw out all of the metal screw top bottles we had.  While I know it was a freak accident, I’m not taking any chances.

My kids pack juice boxes for lunch.  But this summer, my oldest will go to camp and he’ll need another reusable water bottle.  Here are a few I am considering that I think seem safer:

This CamelBack Kids Water Bottle comes in a ton of different fun patterns and is $9.95-$17.95 with free shipping on Amazon.

This Nalgene Tritan Grip-n-Gulp BPA-Free bottle in green is $5.79 with free shipping on Amazon.

Boon Inc’s Fluid Sippy is the coolest option for babies and toddlers at the pool this summer.  It’s design makes it easy to hold (they can even wear it on their wrists), it’s spill-resistant and BPA free.  Get it the Fluid Sippy at Boon’s website for $7.49.

Thermos makes a Funtainer that has a pop up silicone straw. It’s got a double insulation to keep it cold; a pop up lid and a kid-proof design make this a great option for the kids at the pool or camp this summer.  This Hello Kitty design is only one design choice – there’s Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Backyardigans and more.

Get the Thermos Funtainer at $16.49 on; free shipping with orders over $40.


  1. Hey! What about the new AUTOSEAL® Kids Stainless Steel Scout Cup (Vacuum Insulated) made by Contigo? I am considering one for my daughter. Claims to keep liquids cool for 7 hours and no LEAKS!!!

  2. Jamie – link? Where do you buy? I’ll check that out, I used to have Contigo sippy cups for my kids when they were younger.

  3. The Camelbak Kids Water Bottle seems like a smart choice. The reviews on are mostly glowing.


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