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A couple of years back when I was writing for AOL, I featured Safety Tat on their homepage.  Safety Tat are temporary tattoos like the tattoos you get at a kids party.  You stick them on your kids arm and they last for several days.  In my opinion, they are perfect for a vacation to Disney or when you are traveling somewhere crowded.  You can write your cell phone on the tattoo and you know your child will have your information right there on the horrible off chance your child gets lost.

I seriously think they are awesome.  No one EVER plans on losing their child but it CAN happen and this could be the difference between you finding your child quickly or not.

The commenters on AOL were a diverse bunch and I took a lot of flack for featuring this product.  People said that maybe Moms who used this product didn’t want to have to watch their child.  For real?  I was so shocked.  As I said, no one ever plans on losing their child.  Ever.  But every Mom of a toddler knows (especially when you have more than one child!) that a child can disappear in an instant.  Here’s a safety precaution for you.

My kids are both older now and both of them know my cell phone number but man, I was all over this when I heard of it years ago.

SafetyTat now offers some additional products too which I thought was cool, including Anywhere Labels (great for back to school!), allergy alerts and more.  What do you think?


  1. As an allergy parent, I like the purpose of them for little ones, but they stand out so much that I worry about bullying. I’ll be curious to see if they are present at the schools this year.

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