samababy.jpgMore and more these days I find I am drawn to organic infant clothes. Especially when they are as soft, classic and luxurious feeling as the ones in the Lucky Elephant collection from Sama Baby Organics. Sama Baby garments are made in India from the finest certified organic cottons and dyed with earth friendly dyes. Why is this important? Organic fibers (such as organic cotton) are not altered with harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Also, they do not use genetically modified seed. On the other hand, conventional cotton farming is one of the most heavily polluted industries in the world, which negatively affects our planet, our food, and our bodies.
For a fresh start, check out the clothing and accessories on the Samababy website. Mommies with Style readers use the code MWS5 to get a $5 gift certificate towards your purchase of $20 or more, now through December 31.

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