2 years ago, we had fantastic event occur. Santa called! It was just one of the most amazing and most memorable moments for us. I blogged about it here at MWS, and pieces of my review were picked up in the NYTimes, the San Francisco Chronicle and other publications. Yes, the fact that Santa took a few minutes from his busy schedule to call my little boy was a big deal.
Santa’s Speaking can call your home, too. And they’re currently offering $5 off your call, if you schedule it this Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Please use this Secret Santa Code (gift code) for $5 off your entire order: NOV282930. There will a COLORFUL BULLSEYE with a big green arrow at checkout to click to enter your code. This offer is good ONLY until Santa is fully scheduled or booked, limited slots currently available. Discount only valid on calls booked to occur on November 28, 29, or 30th. One coupon per order only.

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