I had you at “slimming,” right?  This one’s not tough for me to sell anyone on – SassyBax Leggings.  They are shapewear that double as leggings, thus giving you all those nifty perks that come along with shapewear – support, control and comfort.

So I have to admit, when I got the package in the mail, I thought no way will this fit me.  I got a M, which was my size according to the chart.  They looked like pants for my 4 year old.  But I was amazed at the stretch factor and in the end by the sheer fact that I really did look a full pants size smaller when wearing them.

These are cropped and would look great with a flowy, fun shirt this spring!  You can get SassyBax Leggings at Neiman Marcus for $68 a pair.

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