As if our Wii wasn’t enough, I’m really jonesing for a PlayStation 2 or 3 this year. They suck you in by making great games for all the consoles that are only exclusive to that one console. My latest temptation for a PlayStation 3 is the releast of SingStar. Think American Idol but a game, and in the privacy of your own home (or a bunch of friends after several drinks!)
Hubby and I have the American Idol game for the Wii but it’s not as tempting as this latest for the PS3 – the latest release, Vol. 2 has current songs from artists like Gavin DeGraw (I *heart* him), the Killers, Natasha Bedingfield, Aerosmith, Paramore, the Police, Radiohead, Sara Bareilles and more. You can purchase additional songs online at the SingStore.
And what’s really making me want to run to the nearest store and buy a PS3 is the SingStar ABBA. Considering I barely held myself back from jumping up and singing during the movie Mamma Mia, it’s no wonder this game is so tempting.


  1. Sara bareilles has some awesome talent. If you haven’t seen the single ladies version she has on YouTube go check it out.

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