simonsays.jpgBabymaking is serious business. And when you are ready to “give it the old college try” you don’t want to go to bed wearing… um… that old college tee, now do you? Most people don’t get pregnant on the first try. Or the second, third, fourth or fifth. If you are like most folks, you may feel a wee little bit silly getting out the special lingerie, by your tenth attempt to create a human being.
It’s time for a little humor and a little luck. But stay away from that lucky college tee, please? Instead, check out MILFbrand’s tongue in chic Babymaker nighties. Here is some nightwear you can really relax in. Just as comfy as the old college tee but with a haute-ier fashion sense and some wit to boost. These are like your favorite tank tops, just longer.
I love the brown “Monkey Want Banana” version. Cracks me up every time. You’ll leave no doubt about your intentions when you wear the black “Simon Says Do This” nightie. Or you can play coy in the “Skip to my Lou, my Darling” version in a pale pink.
They say a little humor and the ability to relax are critical when you are trying to make a baby. Good advice for almost any endeavor, really. As a nice additional bonus these will still fit you when you are preggo. And they will still look better on you than that old college tee, I promise you.
Mommies With Style save 15% off your order of $30 or more now through July 25th when you enter the code mommy15. MILFBrand has some humorous maternity and mommy tees as well, make sure to check them out while you are there.

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