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Meet Chewey, my sister’s chihuahua mix. My sis got her from a shelter in Philadelphia over 15 years ago! She’s an old girl now but is still the best little doggie. Chewey was found wandering the streets of Philly and taken in to a local shelter to be adopted.

Who knows what Chewey’s original story is but what we do know is that shelters are often overflowing and that there are many animals out there who are always looking for new homes. is a cool service that aims to help with shelter overcrowding but avoiding the shelter middle name and helping to act as a middle man in rehoming pets.

Over 7.5 million animals are put in shelters every year; 2.5 million of those are pets that were given up by people for various reasons. Get Your Pet is a service that those re-homing can use, saving space and resources in the shelter. Better yet, those looking to adopt can browse pets who have been posted and find the right animal for them.

I feel like often times, the pets being re-homed are judged in a negative light. Like, oh, that must be a bad dog or cat if someone is giving them up. Often times, circumstances change! People get sick, develop allergies or move and a totally awesome pet may be without a home. So it’s kind of neat to think there’s a website out there where you can help save a pet, shelter space and make everyone happy.

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While we’re talking about pets,I have to share a photo of my doggie, too. My Maisie also came from a shelter. She was actually born in a shelter in South Carolina (to her feral Mama who had been trapped and brought to this shelter) but a local adoption agency here in Philadelphia brought Maisie and her siblings up to they got adopted to local families. I can’t imagine our life without her – she’s the best pup!

Disclaimer: This has been a sponsored post with Nakturnal. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. awwwh. . . . .love that the two doggies were ‘saved’ , adopted into loving homes. Receiving love and giving love to these four legged furface friends is so worth it!
    my current kitty is a rescue as well. . and so loving and appreciative- I am sure they remember the former life and thus are so grateful. Animals adopted from shelters are indeed the best!

  2. You’re totally right about re-homing an animal getting a bad reputation! Unfortunately, there are so many reasons someone may not be able to keep an animal, and the work Get Your Pet is doing is so important!

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