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Have you guys heard of or seen Ivory Ella before? I had been seeing these cute tees around for awhile now but they were all over the beach last weekend over Memorial Day Weekend. I was curious enough to look them up online and see what this latest trend is about.

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Ivory Ella only sells online and they have an adorable product line of elephant t-shirts and accessories. 10% of all net sales go towards saving elephants and to date, Ivory Ella has donated over $1M towards elephant charities! Pretty neat! Plus their tees are AH-dorable. I was tempted to order a tee for myself but it definitely seems like these tees are made for tweens or teens. I couldn’t resist ordering this gorgeous beach throw and my nieces will be getting t-shirts for their birthday next month!

They also have a partnership with Alex & Ani and sell Ivory Ella bracelets too. How about it, had you heard of Ivory Ella before this post? A t-shirt would make a great gift for a girl tween or teen in your life!

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