Having a 3 year old, I’ve learned that costumes aren’t just for Halloween any more. Time after time I turn to find my big guy holding his pirate suit, construction jacket, or even his fireman raincoat, saying “Mommy, please help me put this on.” And then 5 minutes after pirating around the house, he’s back, asking to be dressed as Goliath, from JoJo’s Circus.
So, this year, I’m on the look out for post-Halloween sales. I noticed that Halloween Adventure stores have window signs stating 50% off all costumes beginning November 1. They’ll see me there at 9:59 am, ready to shop.
Before I even step out the door, and 5 days before Halloween, Disney is bringing a little costume magic. They’ve marked down their costumes again. Most costumes have been moved to the Disney Outlet, with discounts as low as 70%.
Buzz (today’s costume) is getting a little lonely. Looks like Woody may mozey on over for some fun, now that his costume is 50% off.


  1. Julie,
    Can you tell me how the sizing on the Buzz Lightyear costume runs. I am looking to buy one for an average-sized 3.5 year old.

  2. My 3 year old fits in the 2-3T, but it won't last long. Its a stretchy material, but already a little snug. If you want him to play dress up for a while, I'd go with the 4T size. HTH!

  3. Definitely go bigger! Although our Buzz is from OSA, I got Nate a 3-4T (he's not yet 3) and I really have to struggle to get him into it – it's snug. I think bigger is better with costumes – figure it gives you time to get good play/dress-up time with them.

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