I don’t know about you guys, but labeling gifts for Christmas in our house always gets a little nutty. Growing up, my Mom used to just cut out little squares from the extra wrapping paper… sometimes the wrapping paper “card” didn’t even match the wrapping paper on the present! But it seemed less wasteful than using a card on every gift.
Hubby introduced me to the whole mini sticker gift tag and we’ve done that the past few years. But they aren’t very exciting, and they seem sort of lame – especially when I’m gifting to someone outside of my immediate family (to an in-law, or extended family member.)
So I received a press kit from Card Stix, which seems like the perfect solution and alternative to my holiday gift card woes. Card Stix are 4×5 adhesive cards. They obviously stick right on the present, but they are bigger than the usual mini-tag, plus they have some nice, festive designs so they look impressive on a present. They’re more affordable than an actual greeting card and even better, they stick straight on so there’s no fear of losing them in the craze of an entire pile of presents that have to be opened.
Also, I love the idea that you can use these in lieu of tape too! And they aren’t just for Christmas or Hanukkah, they have an entire collection which includes Card Stix for baby showers, birthdays and more.
They have fun wine bottle cards – stick that to a bottle of wine and you have an impressive looking hostess gift…. use coupon code mommies10 for a 10% discount valid through April 1, 2008.

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