Middle is afraid. One night its the dark. Another night its a noise. I’m starting to think he’s not really afraid, but that he just likes using the word. Regardless, it was definitely time to bring out the Scare Me Not monster, an adorable friendlly monster that’s easy to hug and cuddle.

What makes Scare Me Not monsters unique is their long, attachable tail. So if there’s a monster under the bed, your Scare Me Not Monster can peek under and tell the monster to stay away. Have a goon hanging in the closet? Just hang a Scare Me Not. They come with an adorable story that you can read on the website explaining how Scare Me Nots “get” monsters because they’re monsters, too.

Middle loves that his monster’s eyes are wide open all night, looking out to protect him, so its easier for him to close his eyes at night. And the introduction of Scare Me Not monsters was perfect for him. We had just returned from a trip to Disney where we had to visit the Laugh Floor (from Monsters Inc.) several times because we loved it so much. Now that the Monsters Inc. monsters are funny, we introduced Middle to Scare Me Not monsters as friends of Mike and the gang. Of course, he bought it. Middle’s Scare Me Not monster goes everywhere with him. From his bed to our bed to the family couch.  I haven’t heard a dark complaint since. And anytime he gets worried at night, we just remind him to pull his monster a little closer.

 Thanks to Innovative Toys for providing sample Scare Me Not monsters for this review.


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