For the past year or so, one of my almost four year old’s obsessions has been to do Hidden Pictures. We have a subscription to High Five (Highlights for the under-5 crew), he has several iSpy books we do repeatedly, and we recently got several more of the “Look and Find” books.
So when my Mom found a Hidden Pictures book from School Zone one day, she bought it and sent it over. We were really impressed with the book. And the next time I was in Target, I found more School Zone books. They make products that support early education for baby through sixth grade. They basically make all sorts of workbooks for at-home schooling and education. But what’s neat about them is how fun they are.
We’ve now gotten several of the preschool workbooks and playing with them isn’t a chore but fun for my son. They’ve got everything from books to help teach the ABCs, learning phonics, early math and more. They pages are colorfully illustrated and definitely hold the interest of a young child (at least they do for our young tester – and it takes a lot to hold his interest)
You should be able to find them at your local Target. If you don’t have one, or want to see a larger selection, check them out directly online on the School Zone website.

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