I am so excited to share a new option for carrying your kids around! We are all so lucky to have so many carrier options these days. From pouch slings to mei tais and ring slings, it’s the age of baby carrying. It’s fabulous. Until Jr. starts packing on the lbs.
Unfortunately, as your baby gets bigger and heavier, not many carriers remain as comfortable as they were with a newborn. They may be fine for short term use but if you’ve got to carry your child for longer than a quick dash into the market, you are going to feel it!
This is why I love Scootababy carriers. Made to be worn to the side, they take advantage of your hip, and the way you are naturally carrying your older baby/child. One strap goes over your shoulder and another around your hips, spreading the weight evenly and making it ever so much more comfortable to carry that kid, even for long periods.
What is different about this carrier than other hip carriers I have tried is that it is that unlike many “works in 12 ways” carriers, this one is designed and engineered to be worn in this one way only. And it shows, because it is far and above the most comfortable carrier and the most comfortable way to carry a larger child. The straps are soft and wide and cushiony. They do their job of distributing your child’s weight perfectly – no binding or pinching.

carriers are available in a range of fabrics and are suitable for both moms and dads. Purchase your carrier at the Scootababy Website,

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