Here’s one of my favorite new finds: Dipped in Dots. It takes all the work out of scrapbooking for you, but you’re still left with a GORGEOUS and totally professional scrapbook. “No way”, right?
Way. So totally way. Order a themed book and you’ll receive a beautiful scrapbook, already made and awaiting your photos. There’s absolutely no need for you to embellish, match patterns, stress over cutting and deciding what looks right. Because everything is done, embellished, matching, cut.
But there’s more. A Dipped in Dots scrapbook includes everything you’ll need to attach your photos and make your journals and notations perfect. Inside my package (I have the School Years album in Paisley) was a CD with templates (so all I have to do is fill in the blanks on my computer, answering who his teacher is, friends’ names, favorite movie, number of teeth lost that year, etc.) extra, coordinating paper for journaling (if I choose to take the time to use it), suggestions for how to lay out my pages, even adhesives. Dipped in Dots is taking the brain work out, putting the beauty in, and making scrapbooking a fun, easy and rewarding experience, that you can seriously do for about an hour each year! (The School Years one offers a spread per year, thus the hour per year.)
Its an investment at $150. But the hours you’re sparing of your work time, your materials cost, and your sanity (yes, I’ve been known to stress out thinking of catching up on scrapping). That’s priceless. So, use code MWS15 to save $15 when you make your purchase.

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