So, our recent See Kai Run shipment was met with oohs, ahhs, and disappointment. Oohs and aahs because, as usual, SKR wowed us with the adoreableness of their latest collection. I just love manning-up my little one’s feet, as a friend once nodded in agreement, with boys, the cute stuff is in the shoes. With sueded loafers and saddles, the boys shoes are fantastic. As are the sueded MaryJanes and and sweet athletics for the girls. And those are only a few favorites. As always, the quality is exceptional. I’ve always loved the flexibility of See Kai Run’s rubber soles, and their super soft leathers. The width in the toes is exceptional for growing feet, as is the lack of an arch (available in the best of baby shoes, and necessary in allowing baby’s feet to form on their own.)
The disappointment? Our shoes didn’t fit. Which made for more oohs and ahhs when I passed them on to Whitney’s son, for sampling. Of course, the little guy smiled with joy.
And very exciting news, See Kai Run is getting smaller by introducing their newest shoes, smaller. smaller shoes, made for baby and toddler, have a small footprint with 2 nonslip rubber pads sewn into the leather soft-soles. Crafted with the same precision as their big siblings, smaller shoes cradle baby’s feet and the same big person style of regular See Kai Run shoes. These tiny urban shoes close with leather (to adjust for width) and add comfort around the ankle with a leather lining, and padding sewn inside.


  1. Super cute! Does anyone know where the tights are found?

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