Little's first pair of cute girly shoes! Love them!

Little's first pair of cute girly shoes! Love them!

Little has yet to walk, yet to even crawl, but when her first pair of Smaller baby shoes arrived, she reached a major milestone, for her shoe-loving mom: she wore shoes. Sure, they were off within 5 minutes, but 5 minutes was enough time for me to coo over their cuteness.

Smaller shoes, though, are much more than cute. Produced by See Kai Run, they are a, ahem, smaller shoe than their original line. Instead of the rubber soles that adorn the originals, Smallers have soft suede bottoms with non-slip rubber patches at the heel and ball of the foot. They’re made of a butter-soft leather that See Kai Run says is stronger than ever before:

“We’ve paid attention to customer feedback and have responded with improvements that will make our shoes even better,” says founder Cause Haun. “While See Kai Run has always prided itself on creating flexible, supple shoes healthy for developing feet, the trade-off has been using leather that has not always worn as well as we would like. Our new leather has twice the fiber strength of the original, but doesn’t sacrifice the luxurious look and butter-soft feel our customers love. We’re so pleased to roll out this major improvement.”

So, Smaller wasn’t around when Big and Middle were babies, so I never had the opportunity to try them on my guys. And one of the first (and most favorite) things I noticed once I had the shoes on Little’s feet was that their adjustable strap is truly adjustable. Her feet are super narrow (I forsee agony finding cheerleading sneakers in the future.) The heels that are so darn skinny that many shoes with elastic cuffs fall right off. So I was ever-so-impressed that Smaller’s hook & loop closure is truly adjustable. The hook & loop covers 100% of the strap, and I could pull the strap completely to make the fit around the ankle snug enough (and I mean, she’s teeny-tiny-itty-bitty there) so that the shoe didn’t fall off.

And that’s when I started in on my “OMG they’re so adorable!  So stinkin’ cute! Can you believe how cute these shoes really are?!” to my poor, childless sister. Who agreed they are adorable. And then moved back to reading her fashion and celeb gossip blogs.

Thanks to See Kai Run for the oh-so-cute sample shoes. Receive free shipping through noon Pacific Time on Tuesday, March 2.


  1. Oh my gosh, these are SOOO CUTE! I’ve got to get a pair for my granddaughter. There’s so many cute styles – I know I’m going to have a hard time choosing!

  2. These shoes are too cute – saw them at your house the other day. Adorable!

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