I’m sure you’ll all agree, we could all use more battery free toys in our lives. In our house, we buy battery packs in bulk – yet we still never seem to have what we need. Just last weekend, we put together a toy that required 3 AAA’s, which we were out of. Oh, the horrors! We were able to deflect a minor meltdown… until the next time.
Which is why I love simple toys that are battery free. I was intrigued to test out these toys from See Toys. Eco-friendly, these toys are powered by kids, not batteries. Each of the five See Toys is powered by a simple wind up arm – even more entertaining, they make fun sounds as they are wound up. We have the dynafly and he giggles as he’s wound up. Once fully “charged,” he buzzes and his eyes and tail glow. Our dynafly has been named “Pete,” and Pete has logged a few hours flying around our family room.
Check out the entire See Toys line on their website.

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