As my son gets ready to start preschool in a few weeks, I realized it was time to deal with the pile of artwork and mementos he had made during his previous year that had been collecting in a massive pile on top of our fridge.  I had memories of a drab, brown accordian folder that my mom had used when I was young for storing such memories.  I loved that it kept things organized and also limited how much you could save (while all of his finger-paintings are adorable, I don’t want to save 40 of them).  But the drab brown exterior that I remembered left something to be desired.

semikolon-accordian Semikolon to the rescue.  Semikolon offers a whole coordinated collection of organization supplies including binders, folders, boxes, paper trays AND….accordian folders.  And not just any accordian folders, but sturdy, well-made accordian folders in a variety of blues, greens, pinks and yes, brown (though it’s a delicious chocolate brown).  Fifteen minutes later, I had the first of the twelve pockets labeled and stuffed with a handful of selected mementos from my son’s first year, and the top of my fridge clear.  With twelve pockets I’m hoping this baby will last me all the way to high school.

Check out the entire Semikolon line at See Jane Work.


  1. But what to do with those bulky projects? We are drowning in them!

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