Looking for a gift idea for your favorite baker this holiday season (or to put on your own wishlist?)

The Bosch Universal Plus is not for lightweight bakers. In fact, it’s not even called a mixer. It’s called a Kitchen Machine. This baby has an 800 watt motor and a 6.5 quart mixing bowl – big enough and strong enough to mix up to 15 lbs of bread dough at once. But don’t be intimidated. The Bosch Universal Plus is easy to use with 4 speeds plus a pulse function. The interior is easy to clean and a sturdy lid keeps the ingredients where you want them. A faster high speed and a slower low speed than its previous model gives you the utmost control, and the unique three-pronged dough hook folds and stretches the dough for ideal gluten development. The result? Better bread, faster and easier.

It comes with the three-pronged dough hook, a scraper and a double beater that whips cream lightening fast.

Plus Bosch offers a number of optional accessories like a blender, shredder, juicer, meat grinder and more to truly turn the Universal Plus into a do-it-all kitchen machine.

My favorite features of the Universal Plus are its capacity, ease of use and cleaning, and how well it incorporates ingredients. I have to do limited (if any) scraping of the sides. And the large capacity has made my holiday baking a snap.

Six dozen cookies for the holiday bake sale? No problem. Bring five loaves of bread to Christmas dinner? I won’t break a sweat.

Visit Bosch’s website to learn more and add the Universal Plus to your holiday wishlist.


Note: Bosch sent a sample of the Universal Plus to facilitate this review.

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