So after two weeks of using the Motorola Xoom tablet, I can finally say I have gotten the hang of it.  As you guys can see from the photo, my kids love it too!

Things that are great about it:
easy of use. Even if you aren’t an Android user, it doesn’t take look to learn how to use this.

size. It’s nice and small and fits really snugly into an average sized purse.

there’s something for everyone. from using the Pulse Pad app for myself (an RSS and other news source feed.  i love it so much it’s unhealthy), to Angry Birds and Ninja Skydiving for my kids there truly is something for everyone.  I’ve set mine up that page “one” is all of my apps. Pulse Pad, Google Docs, Gmail and more.  The page to the left is for the kids and they know to scroll to it and there’s thousands of free apps and games they have access too.

This is one piece of technology that fits just about every consumer.  You make it for you!

Lastly, I wanted to share some very cool news, Motorola XOOM price has dropped. The XOOM is now available for $499 with a 2 year contract. That makes it the lowest priced tablet on the market.

Disclosure:  Motorola was one of my sponsors for BlogHer.  They sent me a Xoom and partially sponsored my trip to facilitate this review.

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