We had to spend some time outside today and since I had no time to really apply sunscreen, I pulled out my secret weapon — Shady Day’s Daily Sun Protection Wipes with an SPF of 30. I had the small, resealable package with me (it will fit in your diaper bag), so I quickly grabbed a wipe and managed to wipe down my toddler and baby (and even my arms) with ONE of their sunscreen wipes. I felt better knowing that they were protected (we’ve used these sunscreen wipes many a time before). My toddler usually hates it when I apply sunscreen (lotions, sprays, etc…), but he doesn’t mind the wipes. We both have sensitive skin and we’ve never had a problem using them. I usually try to use a higher SPF on children and myself, but Shady Day’s 30 SPF protected us just as well. 15 wipes come in a package for $14. You can also get packages of individually wrapped wipes. The company also offers a handy spray and sunscreen stick also (which I haven’t tried yet).
Shady Day is offering 20% off your entire purchase when you shop online. Use coupon code MWS20% when shopping on Shady Day’s site.

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