Ben turns 1 (9/2006)

Birthdays have always been a huge deal in my family and when my son Ben turned one in late September of 2006, I was so thrilled. He loved the balloons and the cake, but we knew it was more for us than his benefit. We bought a special onesie and used a crown from the local baby chain store. He still looked like such a baby, but we knew this was special — he wasn’t going to be a baby much longer.

Allegra turns 1 (12/31/08)

My daughter Allegra, who was born on the last day of 2007, was a different first birthday experience. She was standing and doing so much more than Ben was at that age. It seemed that she leaped from baby to little girl, all before her first birthday. And while Ben didn’t touch his first birthday cake, other than to stick his hand in it, Allegra tried to gobble all of hers down.

Skylar, our third child, will hit 1 on August 12 and I am not ready for that at all. Time is just going so quickly and I’m not willing for him to grow up a second sooner than he needs to.

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