Can you see the tooth on the bottom?

Seems after crawling, the milestone we wait for is The First Tooth. My husband’s family is full of dentists, so we were anxious for that first tooth to come out. My oldest child, Ben, got his first tooth at 9 months old. Since he had been teething since around 3-4 months old, we felt it took so long.  Then his second one came in at 15 months (we couldn’t believe how long it took for the next tooth!)

My daughter Allegra got her first tooth at 7 months old. She’s always been quicker to do things than her older and younger brothers. And she did everything with much less drama!

Mrs. Teeth and her big bro, Ben

Our third child, Skylar, turned 9 months old a week ago and still doesn’t have any signs of teeth! He’s drooling up a storm, but nothing! He finally sits up and crawls now-  but it’s commando style and drags himself around on his stomach (he doesn’t seem to realize his legs should be involved).

Look Ma, still no teeth!!

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