Too tired to give you guys much of a commentary other than the fact that Sarah McLachlan’s still as talented as ever.  I went to many Lilith Fairs back in the day (1997-1999) and it was a little bit sad to see the poor attendance at this latest one.  If Philly’s like any of the other cities on the tour, I imagine that they have to be losing money.

That said, I was in the 6th row with several other local bloggers and we had a wonderful time.  Many thanks to Chevy and the folks at Fleishman Hillard for providing us with tickets!   

And I have to laugh as the last time I went to a Lilith Fair, there certainly weren’t any little kids bouncing in at 6 am to ask me to get up and get them juice.  Definitely can’t have a night out like I used to but it was still worth it!

Sara Bareilles sang "Love Song" and "Gravity"

Court Yard Hounds (the new band with two of the three former Dixie Chicks)


Not the best photo but you guys get the gist: All the main stage performers came on for one big finale

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