Ever wonder what the correct shelf life is for the goodies you have in your makeup bag?  I know that I’m TOTALLY guilt of keeping makeup items way past the shelf life so I recently thought I would look up and get specific answers.

Truth be told, I was kind of shocked at how little some makeup products last!

 Mascara – 2-3 months.  Out of all makeups, everyone seems to agree that mascara is the one you really need to stick to the rule for.  It picks up germs every time you take it out of the tube and can carry pink eye and all sorts of other goodies if you let it linger longer.  Ew!

Blush – you’re good with blush for up to 2 years.  Unless it’s a liquid blush, then you have to change it up after a year.

Eyeshadow – 6-12 months.  This one shocked me since I thought it would follow the other powder rules but I guess since it’s constantly in contact with your eye and could be picking up eye mucas particles, it doesn’t exactly stay clean.  Better to be safe & switch it up.  For liquid eye shadows, even sooner!

Eyeliner – you guys won’t be surprised at this point, right?  3 months for liquid or powder pencils.

Foundation – liquid: 6-12 months once opened.  (Apparently it’s good for a few years if it’s still sealed but once it’s open you have to start that clock.)  Powdered:  1-2 years

Concealer – liquid: 1 year stick: up to 2 years

Lipstick – 1-2 years but sooner if you’ve been very sick as the lipstick can carry germs.  Note that Liquid/lip gloss should be closer to the 1 year mark.

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