I love a good deal – especially on things for the kids.  While I can perhaps justify a more expensive purchase for myself knowing the care I’ll take and the number of uses I’ll get out of it, things for the kids are another story.  I’m looking to get the best deal I can.

totsyad_familybuilder_new That’s why I was very excited to be offered membership to Totsy, an exclusive, invitation-only shopping site that offers up to 70% off the latest and greatest brands for your kids – brands like Kettler, Dwell, Haba and Liz Lange. So what’s the catch?  Only that you have to act fast to take advantage of their great prices – each sale only lasts about 48-72 hours and then the products are gone.

Owners Audrey and Nicole are not only moms themselves, but also have vast experience in the children’s market.  They know what products are hot, and they have the connections to bring them to you at incredible discounts.

Need another reason to love this site?  Totsy strives to be eco-friendly throughout their business practices and plants a tree for every purchase you make. You get great deals on stuff for your kids, the earth gets a tree.  Everybody wins.

Want in?  Nicole and Audrey have allowed me to invite all MWS readers to join in the shopping fun.  Remember there is no fee to sign up, you’re never required to make a purchase and you can leave Totsy at any time.  Click here to sign up, learn more and see the latest sales. And once you join, follow Totsy on Twitter so you never miss a sale.

Happy shopping!


  1. I love Totsy to, Kate. Since I don’t have any munchkins of my own, on Totsy I’ve been able to buy wonderful gifts for all my friends who recently had a baby or are expecting. Everyone has been so pleased!!

  2. smartwoman says

    I like totsy! I ordered five items in 4 month and have always been satisfied with their service even though the shipping is a bit long…that said I think I have saved about 150 dollars…isn’t it worth the wait? 🙂

  3. Danielle says

    I love totsy even though my order had been a little late. I called their customer service, which was very helpful and told me that they would send me my item as soon as they receive it from the warehouse. Within a couple weeks I received my 60% off stroller!

  4. My experience with TOTSY is quite similar to yours, Danielle.
    When I bought my first item on this website 4 month ago, I was a bit disappointed. I found the shipping time too long, even though I was pretty satisfied with the stuff I had bought for my girlfriend’s baby. However, having to wait a month for $15 purchase was not worthwhile to me. Nevertheless, when I bought a $600 bugaboo stroller for my baby, I felt like I had just made the deal of a lifetime!!

  5. Mariedumont says

    Totally agree with you girls. I think it is my favorite website these days^^

  6. AllyssaK says

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a baby yet, but I have to admit that totsy has been useful when buying gifts for my friend’s. Hope I will succeed in getting pregnant soon, so that I can start to shop on totsy.com for my own lol!

  7. DO NOT SHOP FOR YOU TOT ON TOTSY! It is not worth it. You will definitely have to buy 2 sizes up in order to salvage your order. Delivery dates are absolutely ridiculous. I have been waiting over a month for items. I’m fearing that they will not make it in on time for Christmas. I rather pay full price for any item than to deal with Totsy. They are one step away from being a scam. Customer Service does not respond to your complaints. You are not getting a deal. Trust me.

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